What are we driving?


Off-road safaris are done with sturdy Range Roverers with 3.5 litre V8 engines. We also have two Land Rover Discovery vehicles with 2.5 litre turbo diesel engines. The vehicles are designed for challenging off-road conditions and their safety features include a raised chassis, off-road wheels, winch and roll bars.

Off -Road Safaris

Quad-Bike Safaris

Race Track

The Off-Road Safari


The off-road safari will include driving in a changeable terrain and the routes go through swamps, rocky hills, fields and forests. The altitude differences are up to 50 metres. The driving routes are located in a 300 hectare area. The routes are always chosen depending on the weather conditions. Driving off-road is always done dependent on the weather and the conditions and led by an experienced guide.

The four seasons bring variation to off-road driving. In the autumn and spring time the driving conditions are highly challenging as the forest roads are muddy and damp. The altitude differences and the rocky hills offer challenge during the summer time. In the winter, speed and challenge are offered by the friction of driving on snow.


Together our experienced teachers have several decades worth of experience with off-road driving, which means that all the wild fun your work mates will be having will still be safe!



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The Safari Journey


Before we jump on the off-road vehicle and drive off to the wilderness, a short meeting will be held where the driving technique and the safety issues are explained. How to control the vehicle and the use of the radio phones will be explained after the meeting. First we practice driving the vehicle on easy terrain. After the driving starts going smoothly, we move on to more challenging terrain. Depending on the time of the year, we try going up and down steep hills, mud, rocks, snow and ice - and the going gets interesting!


The customers will drive the off-road vehicles themselves and our staff is there to give instructions and make sure that the safari will be safe. Mini safaris will give you a taste of off-road driving on easier routes, the longer safaris offer more challenges which will make your head spin and blow your mind. Jump in! Let's go!



Pois Tieltä! offers the perfect outdoor gear for all those participating in the off-road safari.


Additional activities:

Pois Tieltä! will plan meals, sauna and other activities with you. We also provide all necessary meeting spaces, accommodation and transport to the safari area.


Contact us!

Let's plan a suitably muddy off-road driving event for your group!Group sizes 4-60 people.

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